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  • CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Key...

    1. CGDI BMW with High technical tool which mainly doing Auto diagnose, programming and security maintenance
    2. Support CAS3 / CAS3+ /CAS4/CAS4+ / FEM / BDC All Key Lost
    3. Support BMW Key Programming with OBD Functions
    4. Genuine CGDI Products with Online Updates
  • CGDI FC200 ECU / EGS...

    CGDI FC200
    1. No open shell, no punch, keep the original parts, support 4200 kinds of ECUS/EGS, involving 80% of the models on the market.
    2. Data loss prevention, automatic verification, 100% accurate analysis of BMW's ISN code, support for VIN code modification and data cloning of various models.
    3. Exclusive support for DTC shielding and function shutdown, exquisite design, adapt to various operating environments, FC200 is your trusted auto repair assistant.
    4. Update Version of AT200, with All License Activated and Free Update Online for One Year.
  • CGDI Godzilla Portable...

    1. CG Godzilla Automotive Key Cutting Machine with 7 inch adjustable screen.
    2. Support both mobile and PC operation.
    3. Cover More than 60 Global Brands, 2,000 Car Models and 20,000 All Key Lost Database
    4. Free Update Online with Three Years Warranty
  • CGDI CGpro 9S12 Pro Eeprom...


    CG Pro 9S12 new product, the next generation of CG-100, can perform automatic conversion BMW, Mercedes-Benz kilometer and BMW key matching. It combines both CGDI Pro BMW MSV80 key programmer and CGDI Pro Mercedes key programmer.

  • CGDI MB Tool Base pack...

    1. CGDI MB supports fastest Mercedes Benz car key add: collection time 1'50s, password calculation time 40s, 99% get password for one time calculator.
    2. Supports Mercedes all keys lost including W211, W209, W204, W207, W212, W166, W246, W197, W172, W164+ etc.