OBDStar RT100 Universal Remote Frequency Tester

Test if your remote is actually sending out a signal and if it's the correct frequency



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OBDSTAR RT100 Features:

1. Portable Design
2. Easy Operation
3. Screen Display
4. Reliable Data
Frequency Test Range:
How to Use OBDSTAR RT100 remote tester ?
 1. Power on the device RT100
 2. Put the remote control close to the device
 3. Press any button on the remote control
 4. The lit indicator shows the frequency
 How to Test Infrared Working or not ?
Press the button on your remote control with the IR of your remote pointing towards the tester. If the IR is working then the BLUE IR light on the tester will light up and it will give an audible beep.
OBDSTAR RT100 Package includes:

1pc x OBDSTAR Remote Tester Frequency/Infrared IR RT100

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